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It seems lockdown means we have many random veggies rolling around in the back of the fridge at home! So, you too probably have a red or white cabbage you are wondering what to do with? If not now, next week!

Fermented foods are a great way to provide your gut with healthy PRObiotic bacteria, and don’t forget to feed the bacteria with PREbiotics (fibre). 

Fermented foods have been part of traditional diets around the world for a very long time. Most traditional diets around the world contain fermented foods one way or another: Kimchi from Korea, Dosa from India, Tempeh from Indonesia, Miso from Japan, Sauerkraut, vinegar, kefir, yoghurt, hard cheeses, sourdough, kombucha... and many more.

This is your time for… Sauerkraut!

Ingredients & Equipment:

1 cabbage (red or white)

1 tablespoon salt

large wide mouth jar

smaller jar or tall glass

clean tea towel

rubber band


Save one large outer cabbage leaf for later. 

Finely shred the rest of the cabbage. 

For one medium cabbage, use 1 tablespoon of sea salt. 

In a large bowl, massage salt into the shredded cabbage for 10 minutes or until the cabbage becomes supple, translucent & produces liquid.

Pour cabbage & all the juices into a large clean jar. 

Pack the cabbage down hard.
There should be plenty of space left at the top.

Take the leaf saved from earlier, push down inside the jar to cover the shredded cabbage.

Place a weighted smaller jar or glass on top to press down.

Cover with a tea towel or breathable cloth & secure with a rubber band. 

Slowly the cabbage will become fully submerged and the liquid will increase.
Keep at room temp out of direct sunlight. 

Push down each day. 

After 3 days taste the cabbage.

If still very salty leave to ferment for longer.

When it tastes SOUR rather than salty it's ready.

(My first batch took 7 days so be patient, it happens faster in warmer weather). 

When the sauerkraut is ready, pour away some of the liquid, secure jar with an airtight lid & store in the fridge. 

Enjoy on everything!
Daisy x

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