Recipe: Broccoli Tots - Easy Toddler Meals  (V, GF)

Recipe: Broccoli Tots - Easy Toddler Meals (V, GF)

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A winner with the kids, serve as a side to anything else you have to offer them that night. Make a big batch and freeze for an easy option to pull out on busy days. Change up ingredients to suit the ever changing palettes.

5 potatoes, peeled and cut up 
2 broccoli heads, washed and chopped into florets 
1 cup grated cheese 

Boil potatoes until soft, throw in broccoli for the last 5 minutes, drain water and mash it all up. Let the mixture cool & stir through the cheese. Make into tot shapes. Bake in a 180°c oven for 20 minutes until just turning golden.

Feeding the kids can always feel like a bit of a battle, having a stash of easy toddler meals in the freezer is setting you up for success on those hard days. Recipe ideas for kids can bit a bit hit and miss, always try new foods with the kids more than once, it can often take them 5-10 times before they accept it! When toddler meal ideas become too overwhelming, don't forget to stash the freezer with The Whole Bowl Co.'s collection of tried and tested meals, see our Mini Bowls Collection.

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