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We are close friends with a love for GREAT food.
We want to share some of what makes us happy with you!


Elle is a mother of two gorgeous boys! She previously worked in a corporate job for 14 years, cooking in her spare time to give light to her passion for good food. Understanding how important and valued the gift of nutritious meals are to new mums and their families in those first few weeks (years) after you have a child, she has always tried to send these to her friends and family at that time. Once she had a toddler to contend with and working a full time job, she no longer had time to create these sort of food bundles to send as gifts for new mums and realised plenty of other people wouldn’t either.

Daisy is a mother of one and a qualified and accredited nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional Medicine). She has a passion for cooking (and eating), as well as for caring for others, especially via the provision of nourishing and delicious food. She strongly believes in plant-centric eating, whether it be majority or absolute, for health maintenance and wellbeing, disease prevention and healing.

Our philosophy

We believe the postpartum period, AKA the 4th trimester, is a time for mum and bub to be bonding with as little stress as possible. It is also a crucial time for nutritional replenishment and physical healing. Our postpartum meals are created with this in mind. Our recipes and ingredients are nutritionist approved, made using wholefoods, cooked to perfection in small batches.
gifts for new mums
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