Our Go-To Nutritious Breakfast Recipes - 6 Recipes For Your Mornings

Our Go-To Nutritious Breakfast Recipes - 6 Recipes For Your Mornings

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nutritious breakfast recipes
One of the most frequently asked questions on the mum forums I see is 'what are some nutritious breakfast recipes?'. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to get ourselves fed anything let alone fed anything decent in the chaos of mornings with newborns, infants and toddlers. Mornings can go many different ways and you need to be prepared for anything. Having a breaky option pre-prepared is key to consistent success in this area, I reckon. Prepping the night before or on a Sunday afternoon for the week ahead will set you up well for anything those mornings can throw at you.
Here is a list of our go-to nutritious breakfast recipes options to make ahead for the week.

Beautiful Baked Oatmeal 

This one is so delicious and pretty. I can confirm that my toddler enjoys making it and eating it. I usually make the mix the night before and bake it in the morning, the house will smell DELIGHTFUL! Recipe here.

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Chop, prep and freeze individual portions of your smoothie ingredients so that you can pull it out, pour into the blender, add milk and blend. Recipe here.

Easy Quinoa Frittata

Good for the whole fam! Make a slab of frittata or muffins, freezer in portions ready to pull out, heat and eat. Recipe here.

Summer Fruits Chia Pud

We have a couple of recipes for Chia Puddings on the blog. I make these up in jars in the fridge for the week ahead. Recipe here.

Overnight Oats

A favourite for me and the kids. Another good one to prep in jars for the week ahead. Super delicious. Recipe here.


Okay, not for mid-week...but a good recipe to pull out on the slow weekend mornings when you have more time and free hands to crack some eggs. Yum. Recipe here.
We hope this gives you the inspiration and guidance on getting prepared to nourish yourselves of a morning. You can't pour from an empty cup.
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