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Hospital Bag Essentials

hospital bag essentials

Share this helpful list with your pregnant friends and don't forget to order them a bag of our cookies xo

These lists go above and beyond what is essential, however everyones essential is different! Make your own list from the items below. 

For Mama

Easy to eat, light but energy-dense snacks such as The Whole Bowl Co. cookies, fruit, broth, bliss balls, muesli bar, a sandwich, a smoothie. 

Hydration! Multiple water bottles (that can be opened with one hand or with a straw), coconut water or electrolyte sachets, herbal tea and fruit juice. Prune juice, cloudy pear juice or other stool softener for after.

Medicare card & antenatal record.
Your birth plan.
Tens machine.

Haakaa milk collectors. The hospital will provide electric pump if needed.

Pregnancy/breastfeeding supplement, pre-natal vitamins. The nutrient requirements of a breastfeeding mother are in many cases higher than during pregnancy!

Loose, comfortable clothes to labour in, a bikini for the shower or bath, high waisted, comfortable, black, super soft underwear, nursing bras and/or singlets, high waisted soft clothes incase of prolonged hospital stay, warm socks, thongs and/or slippers, bath robe, dark coloured loose pyjamas or nightie, dirty laundry bag, eye mask, recovery tights, a comfortable outfit to wear home.

Maternity pads and/or incontinence underwear, reusable or disposable breast pads, toothbrush & toothpaste, fragrance-free toiletries (deodorant, body wash, shampoo & conditioner), hair brush & hair ties, face wash & moisturiser, lip balm & nipple balm, soft toilet roll, panadol, peribottle, Ural (urinary alkaliniser), Silverettes nursing cups, and Body Ice (heat/ice) packs. See below for DISCOUNT CODES*

Extra long phone charging cord, fully charged camera.

Glasses & contact lenses.

Container and instructions if keeping placenta.

Small speaker for music. Essential oils diffuser. Fairy lights.

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For Baby

Installed car seat
Nappies & wipes
Onesies, leggings & singlets (00000, 0000, 000)
Sock, mittens & baby beanie
Swaddles, wraps & baby blanket
Frozen colostrum, formula & bottles 

For Birth Partner

Their own phone charger, toiletries, snacks and water!
Swimwear incase you want them to join you in shower or bath.
Change of clothes.
Closed-toe shoes incase of surgery.

hospital bag for birth

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