Do lactation cookies really work? No.

Do lactation cookies really work? No.

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Do lactation cookies really work? 
No. The long of the short of it is no. Lactation cookies will not solve your breastfeeding problems. They will not help your baby latch. They will not increase or decrease your let down. They will not give you the milk supply you are lacking.

So why are they a thing?

Our cookies include ingredients that are considered galactagogues which are believed to support the production of milk but we really just consider them a nutrient dense snack that is easy to reach for, will fill you up with the good stuff, will support you whilst your body works to create the milk and give you the energy boost to sit up and feed the baby, again.

They are the thing you need when you finally get the baby down at 3pm for what you know is going to be a 20 min cat nap and you’re walking aimlessly around the kitchen, starving, looking for something, anything, you can throw in your mouth that you don’t need to slice, dice or cook so that you can eat and quickly jump in the shower before the baby wakes. A cookie that will see you through to dinner, provide you some of the nutrients needed to support your wellbeing, nourish your body while it works to feed and care for your baby. The fibre rich snack will also assist with postpartum constipation and help to ease the anxiety of that first post birth poo.

So, we fully understand the outrage from people who are against the false promises of some of the lactation products in the market “preying on vulnerable and tired mums”. We are not them. You do not need to be lactating to enjoy our cookies. 4 year old Ben and 35 year old Jerome probably eat more of them than any breastfeeding mums!
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do lactation cookies really work?

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