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Our Unsponsored Newborn Checklist

our unsponsored newborn checklist

You (finally) fall pregnant, you book all the appointments, attend all the classes, read all the educational birth-breastfeeding-baby-postpartum content you can get your hands on and then you realise you probably need to get organised with buying some things! If you are anything like me you may not know ANY baby brands or where to even start.

Some will say "a new baby doesn't need much at all..." while this may be true there are also some amazing products out there that can make your life and transition to parenthood a lot easier!

I (Daisy) asked Elle (and some other helpful friends) to help me put together a list of items I may want to consider purchasing before the baby's arrival. Remembering that Elle has previously mentioned, only truly realising after having 2 babies of her own, that many of the lists you find online are actually made up of sponsored products and businesses that have paid to be featured.

We understand! Every small business needs to utilise their marketing opportunities. However, we wanted to bring you a list of products truly recommended, tried and tested, by our village.

By no means are the below items all necessary - but they are good checklist to work from and it may help you discover products you had not before seen or heard of.

So other than our number 1 tip of stocking your freezer full of wholesome meals, please see our list below to help you get prepared. 

We have a separate hospital bag list HERE

We have left clothes and toys off this list, as they are some of fun things to discover yourself, you may also be lucky to receive lots of hand-me-downs as we have!

Our Unsponsored Newborn Checklist

- Cot / Crib / Co-Sleeper Bassinet
- Mattress protectors to fit x3
- Cotton or Bamboo Sheets to fit x3
- (Portable) Window Black Out
- Baby Monitor with wifi and remote access
- Lamp, Pink Noise Machine and Diffuser
- ErgoPouch Swaddle Bags / Sleep Suits different togs depending on season

- BabyDink Newborn Baby Carrier
- Ergo Baby Carrier

- Pram, with raincovers and sunshades (we opted for the RedsBaby, Australian Made and value for money)
- Rockit Stroller Rocker

- Car Seat (we opted for Britax, Birth to 4years, no capsule, with protective mat for the car and mirror to see the baby when driving)
- Window Shades (connects inside window with a magnet, window can open and close)

- Baby Nest polyester free, made in Australia
- Baby Bjorn Bouncer
- Small or Large Foam Play Mats
- Round Linen Cotton Play Mats (100% cotton if possible without polyester filling - I got a lovely one from Aldi Kirkton House)

- Nursing Pillow or
- Colostrum Collecting Kit, Haakaa Silicone Pump, Haakaa Silicone LadyBug Milk Collectors
- Silicon Nipple Shields
- Silverettes
- Bottles so many to choose from! We are starting with some glass bottles from
- Steriliser... we will use boiling water as we are hoping to mostly breastfeed. If we do end up needing a steriliser we will opt for steam rather than UV as UV exposure  accelerates the deterioration of silicone

- Bath Support
- Bath Thermometer

- Soft Change Mat (add a cute soft washable cover)
- Newborn Nappies we are trying these, recommended as a super soft nappy and price match to bigger brands
BabyU dry wipes, BabyU nappy bags, Water wipes
- Nappy Cream, Shampoo, Body Wash and Lotion set

- Nail Scissors and

- Touchless Thermometer

- Baby Blankets
- Drool Bibs
- Muslin Swaddles
- Burping Clothes
- Small Terry Towelling Nappies (to use for everything)
- Wash Clothes
- Nappy Bag
- If you live in Sydney too, or somewhere else near the beach, this is a lovely addition

We hope you found this list helpful - save for later or send to a pregnant friend!

Daisy x





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