How to support a loved one through a miscarriage

How to support a loved one through a miscarriage

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How to support a loved one through a miscarriage. 

We believe a mother is born that very first time she falls pregnant. We acknowledge the loss at any stage of that pregnancy to be painful, and the grief to be so real and often present for a very long time, if not forever. 

Here are some of the ways you can show up for a loved one who has experienced a miscarriage:

  • Acknowledge their loss
  • Ask how you can help and what support they need
  • Let them grieve and listen or sit in silence with them
  • Help around the house with chores so they can rest
  • Organise nourishing meals and encourage them to eat
  • Check on their partner and what support they might need
  • Be mindful that they may need to temporarily distance themselves from pregnancy and baby related events, conversations etc

These are some of the ways we felt supported during and after experiencing a miscarriage.

Our brave co-founder, Daisy, wrote a beautifully articulated article on the '14 things I wish I knew about miscarriage'.

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