Postpartum Snacks | Our Go-To List Of Nutrient Dense Snacks

Postpartum Snacks | Our Go-To List Of Nutrient Dense Snacks

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During pregnancy, postpartum and beyond - nutrient dense snacks to support you throughout the day are imperative. Fuelling yourself well between meals will have you making better food choices come meal times. With unpredictable young children involved, sometimes you will rely on a snack to keep you going for hours, composing a meal seeming an impossible task with one hand (hello Whole Bowl).

Here is a list of our go-to one handed postpartum snacks that you can prepare ahead of time, freeze in advance and munch on when needed.

Breakfast Muffins

A muffin for all ages. Filled with the good stuff to be a nutritionally charged snack or quick breakfast for a pregnant or postpartum mum. Delicious enough that the toddlers and school aged kids will be pleased to find them in their lunch boxes. Recipe here.

Nutty Apricot Energy Slice (no bake)

I feel like every recipe includes Dates right now and while they are yummy, I like to swap out Dates for either Prunes or Dried Apricots in many recipes because they are lower in sugar and also, variety is good! Recipe here.

Nut Butter & Honey Cookies

Good for mums and toddlers alike. Filled with ingredients supportive of lactation, these cookies are great to have on hand and freeze well. Recipe here.

Cheesy Spiced Savoury Protein Bites

A savoury snack option that will fill you up until your next meal. These bites are moreish and delicious. Recipe here.

Bliss Balls

You can use dates or prunes for these bliss balls. We have chosen to use prunes as they have some additional nutritional benefits, such as more fibre, less sugar (and they do taste less sweet) and less calories/kilojoules. Their micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) profile is quite similar, except that prunes contain higher amounts of vitamins A and K. Prunes are also less than half the price of Medjool dates. However, feel free to use dates if you prefer! Recipe here.

Rosemary Roasted Nuts

Rich in many micronutrients, healthy fats, protein and fibre. The most delicious snack you can easily make yourself and keep on hand for when hunger suddenly strikes! Recipe here.

We hope this list of nutrient dense postpartum snacks helps to fuel you.

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