How to move forward after the holiday season of eating

How to move forward after the holiday season of eating

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The festive binging has probably come to an end by now, and it was delicious! But it's already mid January and you may be feeling like it's impossible to get back on track with your daily nutrition and health goals. While there's no problem and actually many benefits to indulging now and again, don't let it cancel out your motivation to make your every day routine a healthy one.

As a degree qualified nutritionist, the points below are some I like to live by.

Did a healthy diet and more exercise feature in your new years resolutions? If so that's great - but keep it realistic. Are these goals you can really stick to: day in, day out, week in, week out. Make them achievable so you can succeed and feel motivated to continue. 

There is no need to follow a "detox" or "cleanse" - your body is equipped with a set of kidneys, a liver and gut to detoxify all we need, we just need to support them to do it. Detox diets and cleanses are crash diets and do not help long term. They are unsustainable.

The habits that you build into your routine should be realistic for you, sustainable, achievable and not feel like punishment or that you are constantly missing out on something.

Simple Key Nutrition Tips:

- Never skip breakfast and prepare something the night before (eating in the morning helps to lower cortisol and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, it balances blood glucose levels to get you to your next wholesome meal without snacking or crashing, it's a moment of enjoyment and calm to start the day) some great breakfast options include chia pudding, overnight oats, quinoa frittata, and smoothie with berries, protein powder, nuts & seeds, or wholemeal sourdough with your favourite eggs and some veggies such as spinach, asparagus, sauerkraut and tomatoes).

- Protein and fibre at every meal (again balances blood glucose levels to avoid a crash later in the day, keeps you feeling satisfied for longer, supports hormone health, muscle maintenance and fuels the microbiome) here you can see my quick guide on how to build a plate.

- Eat the rainbow (brightly coloured fruits and vegetables at every meal and for snacks - they taste yummy, provide many nutrients and antioxidants and are cost effective if you choose things in season. Fresh and frozen are both great. Choose at least 2 to include in every meal).

- Stay hydrated (stops you confusing thirst for hunger cues, supports circulation, detoxification pathways, skin, hair etc. Water is life!)

- Include foods you love (if you restrict and exclude all your favourite things you will likely end up binging on them later anyway so allow yourself ... a couple squares of chocolate after dinner - just not the whole bar, a couple scoops of ice-cream - just not every day. Look out for healthier alternatives to your favourites, I am currently loving Tony's Chocolonely Dark Almond & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate and Pana Organic Double Chocolate Ice Cream).

Find your people (I mean this in two senses. Firstly, try to surround yourself with people who support your choices and where possible remove yourself from situations where you do not feel supported. This might look like skipping a few social gatherings but if it helps you it's worth it. Secondly, fill your socials with accounts that bring good food inspiration and positive mindset. Some instagram accounts I currently love are: @jshealth @justine_snacks @brownpapernutrition @hollyarnold_nutrition @ottolenghi @deliciouslyella @gkstories @hettymckinnon @simonhill @whitneyerd @melissa.hemsley).

- Don't forget to include some form of movement that you enjoy every day  (It does not have to be an hour. 10 minutes is still better than nothing. Yoga, pilates, stretching, walking, swimming, weights and even better if it's outside in the fresh air).

Most importantly don't forget that a momentary lapse is not a relapse!
A small hiccup in your health goals does not cancel out your progress, it does not mean you can't pick up where you left off.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2024 

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